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Let's Get You Into College!


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12th GRADE

It's decision time!  Are you ready?  Have you completed your checklist?

 It's time to get excited!  

Your high school graduation is just a few weeks away! Are you ready for the next step?  Graduating from high school is one thing, but are you really ready for college?  Here's a partial checklist of reminders:

  • Inform the college you've decided to attend that you are coming

  • Check with Financial Aid to make certain you understand your total expenses

  • Review payment deadlines with the Business Office on campus

  • Send your housing deposit

  • Register for orientation

  • Let your high school registrar know where to send your final transcript

  • Contact your roommate-to-be

  • Continue looking for scholarships

This is just the beginning.  Call College ASAP  about our special College Launch session to make sure you are college-ready the day you step foot on campus.

10th GRADE

So long Sophomore year!

It's almost two down and two to go!

There's no time to play around.  Scheduling your study time, both individually and in groups and committing to excellence in academics should still be a priority.  Be careful to finish this school year strong.


Your whole summer shouldn't be spent in bed, in front of the television or on your phone.  Make this a meaningful year - volunteer with an organization that means something special to you or a place that is relative to your career plans.  

You may also want to think about what clubs or organizations you should join in the next school year.  Starting your own club, non-profit business or creating a service project on your own is a great way for you to exercise your leadership and begin to discover the legacy you want to build.   


Contact College ASAP to discuss summer options that will enhance your high school resume' and lead to college acceptances and scholarship awards.



College Entrance Exams, GPA and class rank, deciding where to apply...  Where do you stand?


Your Junior year is coming to an end.  This is it for your transcript, so finish strong!  Taking both the SAT and the ACT at least once can help you to determine which one you score better on.  Despite what some people will tell you, COLLEGES WILL ACCEPT EITHER test.  


This summer, take time to really consider what factors are most important for the college you want to attend.  Once you have your scores, research which schools you qualify for prepare for college admissions season!  


From preparing for your SAT and ACT    (yes, you need to both) to working on your college consideration list, College ASAP is here to guide you through all the opportunities available for you to maximize your academic success and prepare for the college admissions process.


And just like that, your Freshman year is almost done!  So what are your summer plans?  

Hold up!  Before you get excited about summer, remember to prepare for your final exams.   Don't rely on just the work your teacher assigns you; round out your prep work by mastering the exams from throughout this semester to make sure you're ready for whatever will be on the finals.

You just had a whole year filled with firsts.  By now, you may feel like you've finally mastered life in high school.  


Use your summer as a time to reflect on and review your freshman year, set new goals for your upcoming sophomore year, consider long term goals and get involved with community service.  Perhaps you've changed your pathway or you still are not sure what you want to do.  It's ok!

Involve your parents, teachers, tutors and school counselor and even your friends to make a plan for your high school success.  These people are all a part of your personal support system and can play a role in helping you reach your goals.

College ASAP will help you with time management, organization, goal setting and planning to help you shape your story for academic success.  Contact us today! 

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College ASAP, LLC  was designed to meet the growing need for a resource that addresses the questions, concerns, and anxieties parents and students face regarding college affordability, selection, admissions, and preparation.  


Choosing the college with the best fit for a student is one of the most important decisions they will make.  


Let our team of experts guide you through the entire college-admissions process.


"College ASAP consitently delivers high quality service. Having been a client with two of my children, I am impressed by their depth of knowledge, professionalism, and personable approach with every child."

-Kery S.

University of Houston graduate Parent

   "We were initially at a loss …. College ASAP came in and made the process seamless. We are very pleased with the service College ASAP provided us and our son.  Not only do we value their extensive professional ability, they have earned our confidence and trust. "

"They introduced me to universities I had never considered. With the assistance of College ASAP, I was able to attend Vanderbilt University with a full scholarship."

"The Summer Seminar was very informative! Getting our son into the best school for him financially and academically would have been a real task for us...they simplified the process for us."

-Natalie M. 

UTSA Parent

-Ronique W.

Class of 2014

— Leila E.

Wayland Baptist University alum and University of North Texas alum Parent