College Prep Live Online Course for Juniors 

Live, online sessions taught by a College ASAP Coach!
The live, online course is a series of interactive, engaging sessions taught by your College ASAP Coach.  Students and parents will be allowed to ask questions, hear other participants' questions, and learn invaluable information through the convenience of a live online experience.  Each session is:
  • a live class. 
  • recorded in real time (in case you are late or miss a session).
  • accompanied by resources.
  • ended with a Question & Answer segment. 
       Each participant will receive 2, FREE personal consultations with a College ASAP Coach 
Course Topics

Session 1: Career Discovery and Selecting a Major


Students will learn how to find careers that fit their passion and skill set, then determine how to search for majors and programs that will help them succeed in their dream career.  

Session 2:  College Tour Tips and Creating a College Consideration List


Students and parents will learn how to select colleges that are a strong fit for them academically, financially and socially.  With the list of schools to apply to created, students will learn how to gain key information about universities and programs that interest them and have a more purposeful college visit.  

Session 3:  Essay Writing for College Applications and Scholarships

Whether you are considered a good writer or you hate writing, this course is designed to help you bridge the gap from high school essays to college acceptance and scholarship award-winning essays. Come to this class ready to craft an A1 essay.