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Winning scholarships for high school students can be a challenge due to a variety of factors:  identifying the right scholarships, completing the essays, finding time to complete them, etc.


College ASAP offers a Scholarship Strategies session that will help students identify their best strategy for winning scholarships, resources to find them and a plan to complete them by the deadlines.

01 / Where do I find scholarships?

It is never too early too begin laying the framework through community service, fine arts, athletic competitions, civic engagement and more.  The ideal time for a high school student to begin preparing for college is at the beginning of the 9th grade year.  Establishing a strong grade point average, getting involved in extracurricular activities, and developing effective study habits and organization skills will yield a solid foundation for a college-bound student.  


College ASAP offers opportunities for every grade level student to begin this process.  So Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors contact us today  to get started!

02 / When should students begin preparing for college?

High school counselors and campus college and career  readiness advisors are invaluable resources.  Unfortunately, the time they have available to spend with your child is limited.  We offer unlimited time and access for you and your child.  Our personalized service provides specific individual guidance for each client with a flexible and convenient schedule.


Give College ASAP a call today to learn first-hand how we can assist you.

What do you offer that my child's counselor cannot?

Right here, right now with College ASAP!  The sooner we begin working with you, the greater the impact we can have on your child's collegiate experience.   


Don't miss out on opportunities and don't let deadlines pass you by.  Call College ASAP to start TODAY!

We will get you on the right track to college and alleviate your concerns and anxieties related to the college admissions process. 

04 /  How do I get started?
03 /  Can you assist large groups?
06 / Is there a College ASAP Admissions Coach near me?

Absolutely!  College ASAP works with public/private/charter schools, church youth groups, AAU organizations, and other groups to deliver hands on, interactive seminars. We customize our Group Workshops to accommodate your organization's needs, size, and interests.

Absolutely!  Fortunately, the internet has created endless ways to communicate and work with clients.  Although our office is in the Greater Houston Area, College ASAP clients are throughout Texas, the country, and even outside of the United States of America.

Do not let distance prevent you from getting the personalized guidance you need to help you reach your college and career goals. 

Contact College ASAP today, no matter where you live!

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