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Remember take your child to work day? Well, it’s not promoted like it used to be, but it does still exist. Does your child know where you work and what you do? You would be surprised at how many kids have no idea exactly what their parents do to maintain their lifestyle.

Exposure to careers and a variety of industries is important to help children form ideas about their own future - possibilities of what they may want to pursue, discover a hidden talent, or find a passion separate from “the norm”. It’s not just your career, talk to your child about other careers in your field. Whether in your city or on vacation, take them to visit the different types of museums - fine arts, health, natural science, contemporary arts, energy, and cultural. Help them initiate conversations with other professionals, such as your banker or financial advisor, your accountant, your physician and his nurse, your mortgage broker and other people you encounter throughout the day. Encourage your child to find out more about these jobs - the education needed, what a typical day looks like, the average income potential and the job outlook.

While it is important to help your child develop their natural gifts and talents, it is also important to make certain your child is able to carry on conversation and articulate themselves with adults. Introducing them to professionals across industries will allow them to practice this skill while learning about careers and opportunities that may benefit them.

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