Help your child get on track to college

Post 2/7

School’s back in session, yay!


Parents of 12th graders, in just 10 short months, your precious child will be preparing to head off to college. Can you believe it?! If your child hasn’t taken their SAT or ACT or began their college applications, but college is on the horizon, it’s time to get busy! Stay on top of your child to make certain they understand college application requirements and deadlines for each school they intend to apply to.

Another major thing parents can do to help their student is research scholarships. The scholarship search is deeply involved, time consuming and can be very frustrating. Identifying scholarships your child qualifies for will help them save time, as they manage enjoying the last year of their high school career, homework, applying for colleges and completing those dreaded essays.

If you'd like to speak with a college admissions coach for assistance, contact the experts at College ASAP for a complimentary personal consultation. #getmeintocollege

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