College Prep Live Online Course for Seniors 

Live, online sessions taught by a College ASAP Coach!
The live, online course is a series of interactive, engaging sessions taught by your College ASAP Coach.  Students and parents will be allowed to ask questions, hear other participants' questions, and learn invaluable information through the convenience of a live online experience.  Each session is:
  • a live class. 
  • recorded in real time (in case you are late or miss a session).
  • accompanied by resources.
  • ended with a Question & Answer segment. 
       Each participant will receive 2, FREE personal consultations with a College ASAP Coach 
Course Topics

Session 1: Navigating the College Selection & Application Process

Participants will learn the criteria to base their college selection and how to select schools appropriate for their specific needs.  Participants will be taught how to accurately complete college applications and essays in alignment with the college admissions timeline.  A college admissions checklist will be provided.

Session 2: Scholarship Success Strategies


Students and parents will learn strategies to earning scholarships throughout your senior year and for as long as you are in college.  Scholarship resources and a proven scholarship success formula will be provided.

Session 3:  Financial Aid Tips and FAFSA Myths
Participants will learn about financial aid, including how to accurately complete the FAFSA and avoid common mistakes.  We will also address and dispel myths regarding FAFSA.  A financial aid timeline and checklist will be provided.
Session 4:  How to Reduce Your College Costs
Participants will learn about financial aid award packages and other funding options.  Participants will also learn about cost of attendance and effective ways to reduce college expenses.   A financial aid and cost analysis spreadsheet will be provided.