Webinars and Consultation Service 

One on One webinars and unlimited consultation!
Webinars deliver information.  Consultations provide solutions.  A powerful combination to guide, advise, and prepare you for the college admissions process.  Here is what you receive:
  • Timely webinar presentations
  • One on One Q & A sessions
  • Unlimited Consultation sessions
  • Valuable resources and materials
Webinar Topics

Post-secondary Options

This webinar highlights options for students following high school. College ASAP will provide in-depth information regarding various post-secondary opportunities, educational programs offered and career paths for students based on their interests.

Blending Out

What sets you apart from other college applicants?  Your grades?  Your winning personality?  Criteria colleges value the most will be featured in this session. College ASAP will teach you how to position yourself to become an attractive candidate for the college of your dreams.

Career Exploration

Do you know what career to want to pursue?  Do you have a strategy outlined to help you get there?  College ASAP will help you identify potential professions and related careers that are aligned with your skills and interests and reveal a variety of pathways to your intended career.

Leadership & Networking

Effective leadership and savvy networking are cornerstones of successful professional relationships.  College ASAP will guide you to identify leadership opportunities that fit your interests and skills and facilitate opportunities to practice networking strategies.

​​​Get on the Right Track to College

Focused on the college admissions timeline,  College ASAP  provides a checklist of to-do items to guide you through high school and prepare you for the college acceptance and scholarship success.

Organizing and Prioritizing

Now that you're on the right track, it is important to learn how to prioritize your tasks and manage your time wisely.  College ASAP will teach you organizational strategies to help you keep your educational and personal life balanced.

GPA & Goal Setting

Understanding the importance of a strong grade point average is a key to getting into your dream college.  College ASAP will show you how to calculate your G.P.A. while setting academic goals for each grading period.  

Study habits and Note-taking

This session teaches students how to develop strong study habits and effective note-taking skills to support the GPA and academic goals you've set.  College ASAP reviews successful systems for note-taking that will lead to efficient and productive studying sessions.